Vertera Products
Vertera Productswith proven effectiveness for health and beauty

Formulated with laminaria
and fucus using the patented
brown seaweed nutrient
extraction technology
for maximum human

Why laminaria and fucus?
More than 140 vitamins and minerals, micro- and macroelements
There are no plants on land just as rich in nutrients
Sources of safe organic iodine and other elements for the proper functioning of the hormonal system of the body
Source of bioactive polysaccharides, polyphenols, fatty and amino acids
Maximum digestibility of useful substances thanks to the biotechnology developed by the company
Product line
Pro-Max Pro-Max
Forte Forte
Sensation Sensation
Thalasso Thalasso
Vertera HC Vertera HC
AngioLive AngioLive
Smart Kid Smart Kid
To be healthy is easy with VERTERA
Open the cards and see the ready-made sets by the directions
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Gastrointestinal tract
Gastrointestinal tract
Locomotor apparatus 
Locomotor apparatus 
Cardiovascular system
Cardiovascular system
Skin and hair
Skin and hair
Thyroid gland
Thyroid gland
Respiratory system
Respiratory system
Weight gain or loss
Weight gain or loss
What makes VERTERA products unique?
Unique biotechnologyA wide range of products with proven effectiveness based on brown seaweed for beauty and health since childhood
Millions of years of evolutionThe first seaweed appeared on Earth more than 470 million years ago. ...
Daily detoxInclude VERTERA products in your diet and get a full detox every day!
Purification and nutritionDo you want to be healthy and happy? VERTERA provides comprehensive purification and nutrition of all body systems
Replenishing the lack of
iodine in the body
Almost 95% of the world's population is in a state of acute iodine deficiency. ...
Source of polysaccharidesAlginic acid, fucoidan, laminaran, mannitol are valuable substances, ...
Maximum nutrient availabilityThe highest degree of bioavailability of all useful substances of laminaria and fucus thanks to the patented technology of breaking down the dense cell wall of brown seaweed
The products are certified
in many countries of the world
Additionally, they have certificates: VEGAN, KOSHER, HALAL
Customer Feedback

Real love or body skincare #1 in 2020

I haven’t calculated the cost of a home scrub, but it will definitely be very affordable. I still alternate the first one and the second one, but in the choice of oil and wraps I remain loyal to VERTERA 💜 ⠀

So, exercise, sensible nutrition, and a reasonable approach to them are the keys to a lean body.

Anna Brazhnikova
Anna Brazhnikova

I get a lot of questions in stories about my favourite magic Weight Control tablets, so I’ll leave info about them here too😉

Tableted Phytocomplex is a low-calorie food product.

Seaweed and plant extracts that are part of the product contain substances that provide a balanced diet and fight with overweight. The product is natural and safe for health.

Anna Tsarnenko
Anna Tsarnenko

Do you eat this product yourself?😁

I and my whole family have been eating Vertera products for more than a year.

Everyone has their own results, and it inspires to share information about products. A product from seaweed intended for nutrition, energy, bioregulation of the body and purification (DETOX)

Tatiana Leonova
Tatiana Leonova

Forte!🪄A magical product!

Forte is needed to those who: ✅ want to preserve youth and beauty, ✅ want to have a strong immune system, ✅ want to purify their body, ✅ slow aging, ✅ have high levels of cholesterol, ✅ iodine deficiency, ✅ want to protect their heart and blood vessels, ✅ want to follow the principles of a healthy diet and lifestyle


At the age of 21, I decided that health is a priority for me.

As the books on financial literacy, which I binged reading at the time, teach, in such conditions you begin to figure out where to get what you want so much. And the money began to come in different ways. As a result, at the age of 23–24 I already had dietary supplements and rental housing, which I paid for by myself, healthy food, beauty treatments, membership in one of the best fitness clubs in the city, travels and everything I needed.

Natalia Tarkhova
Natalia Tarkhova

Girls, which of you take care of your skin? Do you take collagen?

The strength of hair and bones, flexibility, and condition of connective tissues depend on its level. Collagen production decreases with age🥺 ⠀

Years go by and make themselves felt, but I want to preserve my beauty and health as long as possible, so now I take it too.

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