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Become a part of the international VERTERA community
A unique service for attracting new customers
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A unique service for attracting new customers

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Become a part of the international VERTERA community
Why we chose VERTERA
Anna Tsarnenko
Anna Tsarnenko Russia


Because it's an eco-friendly business that you will never be ashamed of.

A usable product with which it is easy to build client and partner networks around the world. The high percentage of remuneration from each purchase of the invited partners gives each person the opportunity to earn from the first day of cooperation with the company.

VERTERA has been a part of my life for more than 5 years. The company gives me freedom in all its manifestations, new acquaintances, successful environment and personal growth.

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Vlasta Pavlikova
Vlasta Pavlikova Slovakia

My name is Vlasta Pavlikova, now I live in Bratislava, I am already retired. I first learned about the company VERTERA in the spring of 2019.

Why did I choose VERTERA? Because I believe in the benefits of products, the noble mission and the values of the company that are close to me. Eco-food and prevention products are the only true road to health and active longevity. VERTERA has everything to create your own large and promising business.

The company has an excellent reward plan, new products (including baby food), car and housing programmes. But the most important thing is modern, convenient business tools.

I love VERTERA with all my heart and soul!

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Tomash Erben
Tomash Erben Czech Republic

Hello! My name is Tomash Erben, I live in the Czech Republic.

I have chosen the business with VERTERA because I understand that gels and other products of our company are unique and unrivaled throughout the world.

The most diseases of modern people are caused by the imbalance and disorders in the digestive system. Our task is to help people, because if they use our products, they will be able to solve health problems.

I like the company's marketing plan and the fact that VERTERA is a part of large ecosystem that provides great opportunities for business development. The values of the company and our entire international team completely coincide with mine.

For several years at VERTERA, I have achieved great results - the rank of a top leader, a large structure in different European countries, a new car and annual trips from the company.

Are you still thinking about becoming part of our team? Make up your mind, now is the time!

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Aleksandr Novikov
Aleksandr Novikov Russia

Hello everyone! My name is Aleksandr Novikov, and I have been in the partner business for 10 years.

The decision to become a VERTERA partner was made instantly. What's there to think about?

Safe, effective and natural products that everyone needs.

A team of professionals who work for your business 24/7. Own production as a guarantee of security and stability.

And most importantly - everything is just beginning! Working with such a company, you can conduct business all over the world, develop it with the help of online tools. Splendid! A really strong, promising offer.

I recommend it!

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Dmitry Vikhrov
Dmitry Vikhrov Russia

A few years ago, I did not think that I would start creating my business using the partner model.

I thought that this was not for me, that there was no salary here – after all, it was unusual for an employed person. I thought that I had to invest a lot to start earning.

2.5 years have passed, and I can say with confidence: choosing VERTERA as a strong foundation for the start was not a mistake. Yes, we need to act. Yes, we need a team. However, the company gives the incredible things for the development of your own business!

Now I am a top manager of VERTERA with a large international team and a new car from the company.

Everything is totally in our hands. However, it is much easier to start your business in a place where you get assistance, where there are mentors and great, convenient tools for work.

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Irina Slastina
Irina Slastina Russia

I made the decision to enter this business in 5 minutes – right after the meeting with the President of the company A. A. Khitrov. The whole meeting was a pattern interrupt for me.

Firstly, I was astounded with the inconsistency between the real age and the appearance of the person.

Secondly, I was amazed at the deepest immersion of the manufacturer into the world of human health, thorough knowledge of biochemistry and the mechanisms of action of his products.

And thirdly, the idea of improving the nation through the victory over iodine deficiency with the help of simple and accessible to everyone methods and products.

All this perfectly fit my idea of a conscientious and eco-friendly business. And I decided that I would build it here.

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Neli Petrova and Niki Khristov
Neli Petrova and Niki Khristov Bulgaria

Why am I with VERTERA?

There are 3 reasons for this: great products, strong marketing and true values.

Thanks to the products, my daughter was completely cured after a severe traumatic brain injury. Thanks to marketing in just 4 years, we have a team of more than 31,000 people in more than 15 countries, a car, a house and a higher standard of living. Thanks to the values of the company, we are in this partnership with our whole heart.

These 3 factors helped us create the best business solution in our life – the partnership with VERTERA!

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