Creating a healthy and happy future
for all humanity since 2014!

2005 is the year of foundation of the scientific and industrial biotechnological
complex “Biomedical Innovative Technologies” (NPO “BIT”)

We provide a full production cycle

The company independently extracts environmentally friendly raw materials, develops technologies for their processing,
conducts research, produces and certifies highly effective,
high quality and safe products

We were the first to create unique products based on
brown seaweed gels

The main area of activity of the Biomedical Innovation Technologies production complex
is the creation of innovative food products based on brown seaweed,
the exclusive distributor of which is the international direct sales company VERTERA.
Both companies are the part of the WR International holding.

More than 350,000 satisfied customers worldwide

Every day new customers and partners join us, every month we open
representative offices in different parts of the world, every year we enter new countries


Protect the health and improve the quality of life of people, using the unique gift of our planet: brown seaweed.

Our values

Creative work

Creators of

A. A. Khitrov
V. N. Korzun
G. A. Bazanov

Anatoly Khitrov

President of the company

Head of the Department
of biochemistry and biotechnology

Member of the Board of the World
of Healthy People charity foundation

VERTERA product developer

Vertera product production structure

Research and development production
complex in the Tver region, Russia
Extraction of environmentally benign
raw materials in the White Sea
Certification of production according to
the international safety and
food quality standard ISO 22000-2018
The effectiveness of the products has been
proven by clinical studies
Certification of the company's products
A wide range of products
for beauty and health, with which it is easy
to build a profitable business

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Development of the VERTERA brand


The president of the company Anatoly Khitrov founded the scientific and production association "Biomedical Innovative Technologies". The first technology for processing brown seaweed was obtained from Vitaly Naumovich Korzun, which allows extracting the cytoplasm of their cells.

The first clinical trials were conducted, the state
product registration was completed. Market entry.

The company is a leader in the CIS countries in the segment of dietary, preventive
and functional products with proven effectiveness

Creation of the Vertera global brand

7 December 2014

Birthday of the direct sales distribution company promoting the Vertera brand in markets around the world

Certification of Vertera products
on the European Union market

The President of the company Anatoly Khitrov developed:

  • PROMAX technology, which made it possible to break down the cell wall of brown seaweed and ensure maximum absorption of the nutrients that make up their composition.
  • technology for obtaining high-molecular collagen protein from the skin of freshwater fish.

The corresponding patents were obtained in 2021.

  • Certification and start of sales of the company's products in Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia.
  • Development, clinical trials and registration of AngioLive, the product for both dietary therapeutic and dietary preventive nutrition.
  • Biomedical expertise and studies required for state registration of baby food.
  • State registration and certification of the Smart Kid R baby food in the European Union
  • Entry into the Mexican market
  • Setting up a company in China and Israel

World of Healthy People

Charitable Foundation for Health Promotion

Created on December 7, 2018 with the participation of VERTERA
on the initiative of the Director of Natalia Khitrova Foundation.

Foundation`s purposes and tasks

Assistance to low-income families and children from low-income families, families in difficult straits (large families raising disabled children, orphans and children left without parental care, as well as families in need of social assistance)

Financial support for expensive surgeries for adults and children suffering from severe and chronic diseases

Comprehensive support for single and elderly people who has found themselves in a difficult situation, as well as those receiving treatment for COVID-19

Assistance to medical institutions and social protection institutions, orphanages


We unite people all over the planet

Each of you has the opportunity not only to use VERTERA products,
but also to become a business partner of the company!